Ben Ahn is an `ukulele artist and vocalist from the island of Kaua`i, currently living in the San Francisco Bay area.  He specializes in diversity, and you can expect just about every genre of music at one of his shows.  Plus, he's kind of funny.


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Ben will be largely focused on recording an EP in the first part of 2016, but please feel free to Reach Out if you have a performance need!

December 2, 2016

Ben Ahn Farewell Concert and After Party

PianoFight, San Francisco, CA


Concert: 7:00-9:00 pm

After-Party: 9-11:30 (with Cynthia Lin and the Blue Moon All Stars)


After 4 years in the Bay Area, this will be Ben's final SF performance before moving back to the islands. Experience the ` ukulele in ways you never thought possible as he blends classic technique with innovative effects and musicality.