Ben Ahn in the Media

2015, October: `Ukulele Magazine 


Got a nice feature in the premiere magazine for `Ukulele enthusiasts this Winter.

2015, February: KQED - 

Bay Area 'Uke' Enthusiasts Jam for Centennial of 1915 World Fair

KQED Put together a nice video recap of what was a beautiful event celebrating the `ukulele's introduction to continental US.

2015, February: SF Gate - Panama Pacific International Exposition Centennial:
See Page 7 for the `ukulele write-up.
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2014, August: SF Gate - 6 Bay Area Hot Spots for Hawaiian-Style Eats


Nice mention for my performances at Pa`ina (though I play at 3 of the top 6 listed).  Mahalo Jeanne Cooper!

2014, May: Unity - How Sweet the Sound


Constance Brossa of Final Edit wrote a cover story on yours truly back in May for Unity, a cultural publication with a distribution of 25,000+/year.


Mahalo for the love, Constance!

2014, February: Hyphen Magazine Feature


Abigail Licad of Hyphen Magazine wrote a really nice piece on me, my music, and my transition to the Bay Area.  Mahalo for the support, Abi and Hyphen!



It was so much fun performing for the NDNU Hawai`i Club fundraiser.  Freezing cold, but fun :)

The American School In Japan
The American School In Japan

2012, October: Performing in Tokyo!


I had such a great time teaching and performing at The American School in Japan.  What a fantastic school in an incredible country! 

Sam Bonanno, Ben Ahn, and Derick Sebastian
Sam Bonanno, Ben Ahn, and Derick Sebastian

2012, August: Ben Ahn Judges `Ukulele Contest


It's nice to give back to the community.  I was recently asked to join a few other `ukulele artists as judges for a keiki contest. 

Ben in Kaua`i
Ben in Kaua`i

2010, April: Laughter and Talent: The Ben Ahn Mix 


So I was playing a gig at a local bar, and unbeknownst to me, a journalist was covering my show.  Check out the article from Amanda Gregg!